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A Word About Giving

We do not give because we have to, but because we want to!


We know giving to God makes a difference. It makes a difference in us as we learn to be selfless, it makes a difference in others as our giving makes it possible to keep sharing the Good News and helping where we can, and it places us in the areas of life where the “unexplained” occurs!


We see God miraculously meet our needs as we step out in faith and give as Scriptures prescribe - - even when it seems like we can’t.


Everyone is welcome no matter the choices they make about giving. No one is looking over your shoulder or judging you concerning giving. This church wants your heart for God, not your wallet. But we know by experience that when God owns our heart, He owns all of us. So, we do not pressure anyone to give; we just preach and teach the Jesus of Scripture. We know He will demonstrate through experience His truth that giving provides more than keeping.


If you are ready to plan your first visit or if you want to learn more about our beliefs as a church, or if you would simply like to get in touch with the rector (pastor) click the button below.


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